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300 Unique paintings expressing detail of ruins, each vibrating their own autonomic story.

Together they depict a totally destroyed city of Homs, serving as a foundation for a contemporain art project.

Boundless Mutual Connection Through Art

Boundless Mutual Connection Through Art

Featuring the artwork:

Candy Colors over Destruction


A tribute to the children of Homs, Syria, who died or fled

300 Unique paintings expressing detail of ruins, each vibrating their own autonomic story.

The 300 works are distributed by issuance to art lovers at various places and times, as an artistic approach of the refugee path, which is determined by the capriciousness of fate.

Intellectual Decapitation

In November 2016 - March 2018, the Amsterdam Museum exhibited a contemporary art project by b'ker entitled: The Intellectual Decapitation of Suriname.


Come closer, closer, closer, closer, let's start an intimate relationship

Imagine being face to face with an artwork that challenges you, confronts you, and invites you to look beyond what is initially visible. An artwork that plays with your perception and entices you to contemplate the boundless world of imagination. Memos is a collection of artworks that aims to transport the viewer to that world.

A world where anything is possible and everything is allowed. Uncompromising, uninhibited, and unconditional.

Due to their modest size, the "Memos" try to seduce an intimate and detailed inspection, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in the patterns and textures. Memos are detailed, sometimes with subtle color nuances and micro patterns. They occupy their own place within the boundless world and the numerous movements in art. Memos provide a layered and transparent perspective.

The collection encompasses the themes of 'Memos of Imagination' and 'Memos of Contemplation.'


Memo of Imagination

mixed media 23 x 32 cm


Moon’s gentle glow births,
Conception blossoms within,
New life softly formed.

Come closer, closer, closer let’s start an intimate relationship.

Donā€™t Darken Stars
Let Them Shine

This image is not meant to reflect anti-religion or cultural sentiments. It's a pro-rights plea for every human regardless of their gender or where they are born, to be able to explore and develop their talent.

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Art Challenges To Put One's Taste Into Perspective and Not to linger in one's cosmetic conditions


Era of Transparency and Plastics

Firm lines and decayed lascivious spots on plastic sheets. Hanging over vivid colors on burlap.

Exciting and at the same time pleasantly confronting. The dynamic interaction between the classical and the contemporary.Ā